KAL maintains an extensive inventory of material, including accessories, hydraulics, avionics, instrumentation, electro-mechanical parts, ground radar components, etc. to support especially the F5 and FA18 aircraft systems. KAL has the capability through relationships with other suppliers to access over one million items immediately for quick delivery to our customers.

The Right Part at the Right Price

KAL Aviation owns a unique, proprietary database. This unclassified database is updated constantly on KAL's mainframe for up-to-the-minute information on resources and pricing worldwide. It includes direct access to online data on...

  • Daily federal contracts and awards
  • Technical engineering specifications
  • Equipment and spare parts inventories
  • Quality assurance requirements
  • Identification and daily update of newly qualified manufacturers

Life Extension of Systems

As products age, the OEM decreases its support network to save costs with inventory and to introduce new systems utilizing new technologies. At this point, the end user of systems no longer want to change or upgrade their present equipment and KAL has played an important function in maintaining systems sometimes more than 30 years old.

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